New York giants came to the lime light defeating Falcons

The win of the New York Giants over Atlanta Falcons by 24 -2 has created a new history in the world of NFL football. Winning over Atlanta Falcons was not so easy as the team has already been marked as a strong team by the NFL football critics. At the endpoint of the game, Jason Pierre-Paul went very aggressive that bringing the winning shield to the team. NFL fanatics are saying that he may appear more aggressive while playing with the Green Bay Packers, the team, which will play a divisional playoff match with New York Giants incoming Sunday. Lambeau Field has been fixed as the venue where this exciting match will be played.

Sporting News captured this shining star, Pierre Paul in its camera while taking an interview where the star confessed that their team, New York Giant is very confident and exciting as well about this coming match. On 4th of December, another match has been played by both the teams, and at that time Giant lose the game. The star confessed that though the weather may not be at their favor, as it will be too cold, and the atmosphere will not that good as well, still they are confident that they can give their best.

The present status of the team is quite better and they are practicing a lot to ensure a win. Pierre Paul appeared to be the spokesperson of the Team Giant and said during the interview that they are well aware of the issues that are at stake. He also added that the mistakes they have done in the previous match will not be carried forwarded in the next match and the team will remain cautious enough so that it never happens again.

Following this confidence, Pierre- Paul has assured 100% win, who earlier said that there is only 80 % chance of winning the game.

Another confident player of the team Giant, who is also a linemate of the Pierre Paul, Justin Tuck was a bit more prudent and commented near the camera of The Star-Ledger that this match will provide them the opportunity to show the world how aggressive the players of Giant can go.

Following the performance of the Giants team, the coach is also quite confident, if not boasting actually, that win is almost sure and shut out of Falcons by the Giant team bears evidence to this.

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