History of American football NFL

NFL is the national football league, consisting of highly enduring professionals in the United States. In 1920 eleven teams, some independent and other representatives of the American football league formed the American Professional Football Association. Afterward it was given the name of National Football League. The NFL is consisting of 32 teams it means there are 16 teams in American Football Conference and the other 16 teams in National Football Conference. After winning the AFC championship the team must have to play against the NFC championship´┐Ż??s winner. In 1933 a championship was arranged between America Football Conference and American Football League which was the big rival at that time.

A world championship was held by the NFL and AFL in 1966-1969 before their merger. This world championship game was given the name of Super Bowl. In 1970 after the merge NFL became the most professional and strongest football league. With the merger, the Super Bowl has declared the championship game of the NFL. In America Super Bowl is the most-watched and most popular sporting event. After the announcement of the World Football League in 1973, NFL once again found a competitor but unfortunately, just after two years, WFL went out of the scene.

Super Bowl became one of the most favorite games of people all over the world. Super Bowl XVI was the most-watched and liked sporting event in1982. For ten years it remained the most popular live sports event watched on television. The San Francisco 49ers were the best team of the decade. It won 4 Super Bowls from 1980 to 1990. By 1993-94 the expansion was given to NFL and four more seasons were approved. This league was further expanded into eight divisions, each division has four teams. An indoor football league is also played with each team having eight players in spring. It was started in 1987 but did not get success and popularity.

The game of football was started in a very humble way but now it is available for viewing around the world. It has taken a professional form and has become a trillion-dollar business.

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